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About Hybrid

Hybrid began life as multi arts organisation incorporating Drama, Circus Skills, Facepainting, Dance, Music, Film and Poetry publishing circa 1988.

Hybrid Magazine ran for 11 issues and included many great poets including Lawrence Ferlinghetti, Julia Darling, Brendan Cleary, David Bateman, Geoff Stevens, Ally May, Andy Darlington, Linda France, Stephen Yelverton, James Oates, Glyn Wright, Keith Armstrong, Tom Kelly, Vera Kulkarni, Jill Maughan, Sue Johns, Alicia Stubbersfield, Patricia Pogson, Geoffrey Holloway, Dave Ward, Mark Robinson, William Park, Mike Jenkins, B.Z.Niditch, Mary N. Bell, Steve Sneyd,Maggie York, William Oxley, JohnPaul O’Neill, Steven Waling, John Ward, Paul Summers,David Crystal, Gerald England, David B. Calder, Kevin Cadwallender, Alan C. Brown and literally hundreds more…