David Greygoose was born near Northampton and now lives on the edge of Liverpool.

He is the author of:
Brunt Boggart: A Tapestry of Tales (Hawkwood/Pushkin)
‘Conjures a magical, poetic world of tricksters in an ancient village.’ The Observer

‘It tastes fabulously medieval…
and sounds like verbs of thunder and earth’
Jay Griffiths

Writing as Dave Ward:
Jambo (Riot Stories Ltd/Impact)
‘reminds me of Brian Patten’s Little Johnny’s Confession, though it’s very different (if you know what I mean)’
Paul Weller

On the Edge of Rain (Headland)
‘the ordinary takes on the vividness of dream’
Matt Simpson

Inside Pale Eyes (Hawkwood: with drawings by Bryan Biggs)
‘anecdotes and twisted fables, a sometimes bitter but irrepressible
Andrew Darlington

He is co-editor of Smoke magazine (The Windows Project)